Friday, October 7, 2011

In which I accidentally mistreat my pitiable cat.

Sleeps on any surface that is either cushioned or hidden.

Bruce is such a weird cat. He talks more than most humans (but only to me), is very affectionate but doesn't like to be held, scratches on nothing except the back left corner of our loveseat, and will starve himself rather than eat food of the wrong brand. Just noticed that last one yesterday, actually - I thought Noah was refilling the food dish, but then it became apparent that the poor cat was ravenous. Good thing I give him meat whenever I'm cooking and always share my cheese sticks with him.

I still feel terrible for accidentally starving the poor guy (not that he couldn't stand to lose a couple pounds, but still).

Jim likes to live dangerously.


Rosa said...


Alyssa said...

Cute cat! Our cats are picky eaters as well!

Had to check out what a buckethead was and had a good laugh! When I was pregnant with my son, we couldn't decide on a name so we asked our 4 year old daughter for her opinion. She wanted to name him Shoelace, and proceeded to tell every single person she saw until he arrived that her "boy baby" was going to be named Shoelace!

Ma said...

Leah!!!Mommy dreams frequently that her pets are starving...That's why Wimzy is so fat - I can't stand the thought of her going hungry even a little bit. And Dad feeds Jazz every time he eats, so I don't worry about the woofer too much.

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