Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Es tut mir leid.

Sorry for the shamefully sporadic posting lately. Jim has been a needy little sonuvabitch (I'm allowed to say that, being said bitch), and it's been a bit trying. I think he's developing some kind of separation anxiety - he wails hysterically if I leave his sight and is instantly calmed when I return, even if I don't touch him. He's getting very easily frustrated now, too, and likes to change positions/activities every five minutes or so when he's not napping. Nights, while improved by co-sleeping, are still leaving me with about six hours on an average night, so I've also been groggy as hell during the day. Basically, I love him dearly and do not want him to grow up, but I kind of can't wait until this phase is over and he can crawl or something. I think he'll be much less cranky if he can get around on his own.

Anyway, that is my excuse and a slight rant. Here is a picture of Jim with a levitating teething ring to tide you over until next time.

Noah took it. I don't know how it's levitating. Jim is probably telekinetic.


Rosa said...

He's a little young for separation anxiety, but he has been ahead on other developmental milestones so he's on schedule for himself. This too shall pass and then return at about 15-18 months(or earlier with him). I can still see Rhianna standing at the door crying when I left for work-bawling myself, of course!

TeamOSM said...

No way, separation anxiety is totally normal. And you're right, once he can crawl back to where ever it is you have gone, he'll be fine. =D