Monday, August 8, 2011

Ten weeks of age.

Yeah, I've got drool on my shirt. Wanna make somethin' of it?

I believe today is going to be the last weekly update. He's changing a bit slower now, so we're going to go down to once-a-month official pictures instead of once-a-week.

Jim doesn't really care either way.

Things of Note:
  • He drools like a fiend now, and he doesn't like it much. He is very displeased when his onesie is wet and will carry on and refuse to sleep until the situation is remedied.
  • He rolled over several times from belly-to-back. He's been handling his tummy time much better in general now, actually. Whereas he used to complain vigorously whenever forced to be on his stomach for more than about forty seconds, he will now sometimes happily bob his head around for several full minutes at a time.

    Very strenuous work, this head-holding business.
  • As demonstrated by previous adorable video, he's really sociable. He likes to talk, and the recipient doesn't really matter. He'll instigate conversations with people, the ceiling fan (naturally), and his little dangling playmat toys.

    Weary of conversation.
  • He sleeps! He really does. Mostly. He's usually good for a five-hour stretch most nights, and even treated us to a nearly eight-hour stretch a couple of nights ago. Of course he still does occasionally see fit to roust me out of bed every hour for a night, just to keep things exciting.

    He looks like a teeny adorable mob boss here, in my opinion. We need to get him a cushy leather bouncer.
  • He had his very first missed doctor's appointment! I was convinced it was on Wednesday, but it turned out to have been on Monday. Whoops. So his two-month appointment (and, coincidentally, first set of shots) will now be his three-month appointment. I can't say I'm overly bothered - he's doing just fine and going to the pediatrician isn't any fun. I don't really need a licensed physician to tell me that he's healthy and growing. The big stack of outgrown onesies can tell me that.

    See, his feet are growing large and freaky to match his father's.

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