Monday, August 15, 2011

Blog silence.

My apologies for the shameful dearth of baby pictures and sarcasm, but my computer has been being a douchebag and making it too much of a pain to post. Noah just kindly installed Linux yesterday, so hopefully that will remedy the manner and allow me to resume rambling as usual. In the meantime, enjoy some family pictures:

Daddy's funny.

Jim and I observe the cat.

Bruce tries to feel up Jim's feet.

Attack of the Jim.

Jim tries to fall off my lap.

Three people at the SAME TIME.

It's freaking creepy how similar their eyes are (except size and color, naturally).


YoMomma said...

Great pics, all! Leah, did you lose your phone again? Mommy called you on your b-day and I think the day after and never got an answer. Can me and Dad come visit over Labor Day weekend?

Emmaline said...

I love you guys.

Leah said...

Mom - Didn't lose it, but it did die and I didn't notice until today. Of course you can come visit - I thought we decided that last time I talked to you! :P

Em - I/we love you too! *squeeeeeeeeeeze*