Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Exercise with a baby: awkward.

Look, Jim exercises too - preparing for head lift-off...

So, as you know, I've been working on getting into decent shape over the past few weeks, and for the most part it's been going quite well. I can run for a full five minutes without collapsing (thanks to C25K), I can do more than one respectable girl pushup consecutively (thanks to P90), and my pregnancy-induced chins are slowly but surely receding (thanks to chicken breast and pound cake oranges). This whole working-out-while-having-a-baby thing is a bit trickier than expected, though.

Beginning ascent.

Sometimes I am lucky enough to work out when Noah is home, so he can hang out with Jim out in the living room and all is well. Naturally, since someone else is watching him, he typically naps for the entire duration.* More often than not, though, I try to get my indoor workouts out of the way while Noah's at work. I always wait until the baby is napping before starting anything, but it seldom lasts. I don't know if it's the incomparable cheesiness of Tony Horton or just my wobbly attempts at power yoga, but he inevitably wakes up about ten minutes before I'm done.

I've tried a few methods to deal with this. If I'm lucky, he's happy to hang out in his bouncer and watch me flail about. Other times he's completely inconsolable unless I halt the proceedings and give him a quick nosh. Mostly, though, he just requires holding or bouncing to keep him content until I'm done. I've gotten reasonably good at bouncing his chair with my foot while standing on the other foot and doing curls or what-have-you. I'm planning on just picking him up and holding him while doings squats and lunges next time - an extra twelve pounds never hurt anything, right?

Lift-off achieved! (also, turtle face - one of my favorites)

The other awkward thing about working out nine weeks after having a baby is perhaps a bit TMI (but if you minded that, you probably wouldn't be reading this). Specifically: leakage. More specifically: boob leakage. Honestly, this isn't really a problem when I'm working out at home (who's going to care? Bruce?), but let me tell you: you haven't known fear until you realize three minutes into your run that you forgot to put on the nursing pads.

*Jim, not Noah.**
**Okay, Noah too.


Emmaline said...

In the Georgia heat I think it would be perfectly acceptable to pass off any leakage as simply excessive nipple sweat.

Mom said...

I'm proud of you for caring about your fitness, Leah. I wish I had been a lot more diligent over the years.

Rosa said...

Amen to that Sis! Leah, Take it easy. Do what your body tells you and don't overdo. Don't beat yourself up if you miss a day, just keep going. You have a lot of willpower and determination, you will achieve your goal.