Thursday, August 4, 2011


Jim attempts to play Tongue Game with beloved ceiling fan.

The boy is getting much more visual lately. He still loves to stare at faces and the ceiling fan, but he is now also interested in the mirror, the toys dangling from his play gym, the camera (stares right at it when we have it out), any light source, the cat...

The tiniest camera whore.

He's also getting much better visual range. He used to only be able to pay attention to things right in front of his face, but now he will look at us and smile back when we're halfway across the room. He also notices when we enter or exit a room and will turn his head to watch.

It's amazing what little things become impressive once you have a baby, no?

Giving the lion the side-eye.


Emmaline said...

It looks like his eyes are actually getting lighter blue.

Also, he is very intimidating with his side-eye looks. :)

Leah said...

I think his eyes are getting lighter too. This bodes well.

Rosa said...

He's ahead of the curve, must take after his parents! Can't wait to meet him.