Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Please caption these for my amusement.


Mom said...

Leah, the first pic looks something like: "Aw, Dad, do we HAVE to practice the head in the lion's mouth thing again?" OR something about how Noah looks like a plecostamus cleaning aquarium glass..."Thanks, Dad, my whole head is squeaky clean now"...?

Jim's Ma said...

Noah: No, it's not! There's a spot I missed!
James:*You've got to be kidding me*
Third pic:
Noah: "Aren't you glad Daddy's here to keep you clean?"
James:*Longsuffering sigh of resignation*

Rosa said...

"Mom, He's at it again."
"Plleeasse.. do you see what you married?"
"I just looked into the future and it's scary!"

Daddy said...

"The wild silverback will often meticulously groom his young."
"I know nussing!"