Thursday, August 25, 2011

...and we all lived happily ever after.

So we had visitors over the last week, and it's made me think about how freaking nice it would be if we lived closer to some and/or all of our families. Really, just one person within two hours would be nice, just so we'd have someone to pawn the baby off on if necessary. Don't get me wrong; he's extremely cute and all, but it's very nice to be able to go off for ten minutes without worrying about him. Or it would be, anyway.

You... you... you want to LEAVE me...? *quiver*

Actually, I learned on Monday that leaving him without worrying is quite impossible, even if he's with trustworthy relations. On Monday, Noah and I took off to take a run together (something heretofore impossible either because one of us had to watch Jim or, before that, because I was incapable of running more than about two minutes straight without perishing). We had just gotten over a small bit of car troubles, but we foolishly assumed that jump-starting it had fixed all of our troubles, so we hopped in the car to go to the track and left Jim behind, along with his aunt and great-aunt.

If that's not a trustworthy face, I don't know what is.

So the run itself was fun and all. Noah, of course, couldn't resist sprinting past me like the Roadrunner (BEEP BEEP!), and I nearly collapsed from heat exhaustion, but still - it was a jolly good time. The trouble came when we climbed back into the car to go home and got nothing for our troubles but a resounding *click*. Damn.

Kind of blurry, I know, but his face is ridiculous enough here that I had to post it.

Noah set about figuring out how to fix the situation, while I naturally set about convincing myself that Jim would most likely starve to death in the extra half-hour it would take for us to get home.

Noah: We could call Rhi and Brenna to...
Leah: What if he's crying right now?
Noah: But they can't get on base, so maybe...
Leah: I bet he's hungry! Oh no!
Noah: My buddy could probably get here in ten min...
Leah: Do you think he thinks we abandoned him?
Noah: And then I could go get a new...
Leah: He might be sick! Or dehydrated!
Noah: *makes productive phone calls*
Leah: Woe is Jim!

And so forth.

Jim's general mood when we got home (reenactment).

So we managed to get home about half an hour later than planned, and of course Jim was smiley and content and not dead. Noah got a new car battery, which fixed everything, and Rhianna even made us a tasty supper, so I'd call the entire evening a success. I'm now left wondering if I will always be three inches away from panic every time I leave Jim temporarily parentless, or if it's just a first-time-away thing.

Still to come: a shitload of pictures of Jim with newfound relatives, a report on his first shots (sad face x50), a 3-month-old update, and much much more.

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Rosa said...

Love you all. Sad to depart.