Sunday, November 21, 2010

Second trimester requires celebratory egg rolls.

As you can see, Buckethead now has a more appropriately-sized head. Could stand to work on the ears a bit more, though - the child apparently procrastinates like its mother...

Also important to note: we made it to the second trimester*! This is important because, first, it sounds very mighty and impressive, and second, it means the miscarriage risk is much much lower. I've been worrying so much about that lately. I can't wait to go in for my NT scan (9:30 tomorrow morning!) and see that everything is (hopefully...) just fine.

* Okay, well, there's some debate about when that starts. Some say 12 weeks, some say 14. I'm splitting the difference and going with 13.

How far along? 13 weeks tomorrow!
Total weight gain/loss: Up another pound, but I think this one is Chinese food, not baby. Still, that's five pounds in the first trimester, which is apparently right on target (doctor said 3-6 pounds in the first tri).
Maternity clothes? Not quite. I've been having to use some sneaky tricks to get some of my clothes to fit, though. This is especially problematic since my winter coat barely fits right now (especially in the boobage region, which has grown more than the belly, actually), and it's cold and snowy outside. Don't want to buy a new one, though, since I'll never use it again once I move to Georgia.
Stretch marks? Nej.
Sleep: Eight hours is enough now (big change from eleven or twelve a few weeks ago).
Best moment this week: It went by way too fast to tell. I hope things slow down a bit once I get moved and don't have as much stuff to do constantly.
Movement: Nein.
Food cravings: Chinese. Yum yum yum.
Gender: Back to thinking it's a boy. Maybe they'll give me a peak tomorrow...
Labor Signs: Nyet.
Belly Button in or out? In!
What I miss: Not being tired after one flight of stairs.
What I am looking forward to: My NT scan tomorrow morning!
Weekly Wisdom: Don't stress. Don't stress. Don't stress.
Milestones: Second trimester! Seriously for reals.


MaTheSecond said...

This is going so fast! Bucket will be here before we know it!!!!!

Rosa said...

We're all going to be calling this kid "Buckethead" and people are going to think we're seriously strange-but it will be a term of endearment. I can just see him explaining to the kindergarten teacher!

Noah Hibbler said...

I have no problem if the child is called Buckethead, but Leah might. Take it up with her. I have been wondering if we will stop calling this little experiment in eugenics Buckethead once a gender is determined. I hope not, but is probably for the best if we ever want او اسم خدش را to recognize.