Monday, November 1, 2010

10 weeks!

Okay, it's not second trimester or anything, but double-digit weeks is something, yeah? Plus the morning sickness is getting better, which is always a delight, and I no longer feel like collapsing into a coma all day every day. Life is good.

Life is apparently good for Buckethead, too, who is roughly kumquat-sized and has a giant bulging brain like an alien telepath from an old sci-fi movie.

(picture ruthlessly ganked from Baby Center)

An update on the pregnancy statistics:

How far along? 10 weeks!
Total weight gain/loss: Mysteriously dropped a pound last week, so up three pounds total.
Maternity clothes? Not yet. Hopefully not for a few more weeks.
Stretch marks? Not any new ones.
Sleep: Not as necessary as it was before. I'm satisfied with eight or nine hours a night, minus a potty break or two every night because my bladder is a complete wuss.
Best moment this week: Realizing my morning sickness is much improved.
Movement: Nope.
Food cravings: Oranges. Lemons, too.
Gender: Won't know for another eight weeks or so, but I'm thinking boy.
Labor Signs: Nope.
Belly Button in or out? In, and it better stay that way.
What I miss: Gin.
What I am looking forward to: My ultrasound on Friday! Yay for seeing Buckethead again. Apparently s/he'll even look sort of human this time.
Weekly Wisdom: Morning sickness doesn't last forever. *fingers crossed*
Milestones: 10 weeks out of 40 weeks = about 25% done. That sounds impressive, no?


Rosa said...

It does sound impressive. Yeah for let up from the morning sickness. I felt like Noah was a boy and Rhi a girl so I hope your thoughts are correct too.

Mathesecond said...

I'm so glad your morning sickness is improving. Definitely the worst thing about pregnancy. So, if that's the worst, things should all be looking up from here on in! As far as gender, I had no clue. But I'm glad you have a big brother.