Friday, November 5, 2010


Important things that have already been done:
-- Noah passed DLPT, thus making everything awesome. Yay!
-- I finally told my professor I was leaving, and he was nice and supportive (though a tad disappointed).

Important things that need to be done still:
-- Noah moves to Georgia.
-- Noah gets driver's license.
-- Get married.
-- Find a house.
-- Get a car.
-- Finish semester.
-- Figure out all the crazy military paperwork.
-- Move me and all my stuff to Georgia (which the military probably will not pay for, as it turns out).
-- Find a new OB/GYN in Georgia and get all medical stuff transferred.
-- Take a 30-second breather.
-- Get ready for imminent arrival of Buckethead.

*sigh* One thing at a time is much easier said than done. This is why I generally prefer to cower in the bathtub and pretend nothing needs to be done.


Rosa said...

You'll be OK-you're a strong girl who has overcome obstacles in the past. Just take it one day at a time and keep the plan in mind. Add to list-prepare for culture and heat shock after leaving Minn.!

MaTheSecond said...

Leah, Rose is absolutely right. We all know that you can do this. You and Noah are amazing!

TeamOSM said...

What's DLPT stand for?! Silly military and their abbreviations for everything. When a bunch of Levi's girl family members get together (who are all married to Navy men), it's all PWQFTLOMGLOL and I know not what any of those letters stand for. It is super annoying.

I forgot where you said you were being stationed...was it near Augusta, or down in south Georgia at King's Bay? Are you looking to buy or rent a house? You can use to look if you want to's not limited to just Atlanta. I can ask around about OBs in either of those areas, Levi's aunt lives in south GA and I'm sure I know someone from Augusta.

Email me!! lmiddle at gmail dot com. =D We can be email buddies!

heiligeglut said...

DLPT is the language test at the end of his training. Stands for...uh... Defense Language Proficiency Test. I think. The military alphabet soup drives me insane, too. I'm picking up some here and there, but it's slow going.

We'll be at Fort Gordon, by Augusta. I think we're planning on renting a house at first until we get some money saved up to buy one. So stressful right now... :P