Friday, May 6, 2011

Odds and ends.

I can't decide if "odds and ends" is better or worse than "bits and pieces." Maybe I should go with a nautical theme and use "flotsam and jetsam."


A changing table! Oooooh.

I'm trying to get nursery stuff halfway organized since there's a teeny squalling scrunchy red creature arriving in the next month or so to inhabit it. So far, my progress is as follows:

  • On top - Stuff I should put away. A box full of adorable things from family (thank you! we ooh'd and aah'd over the cute things for far too long, but I'm making Noah ration out the candy so James and I don't get TOO huge!), a wet bag for cloth diapers, and an off-brand Jenga set that I should probably remove before Jim gets the idea that wooden blocks are edible.
  • In the middle - Wipes and other diaper-y accessories, diaper covers, prefolds and disposables for when he's too tiny to fit in the cute fluffy ones.
  • On the bottom - Medicine and so forth (thermometer, aspirator, and what-have-you), a stowaway (probably should remove him too, lest Jim get the idea that Bruce is edible...), and adorable bath towels with whales and frogs on them.

The nursery is shaping up pretty well otherwise. We need to get a crib mattress and sheets, a lamp for next to the glider, and some decorative stuff for the walls. I really want to get some of these wall decals to put over his crib. Babies love alien invasions.


Rhianna H said...

Babies do love alien invasions and space ship diaper covers. Especially you and Noah's Jimmy. :) It looks like it's shaping up well!

YoMama said...

Wow, Leah! There won't be anything for us to do when we get there:-)

TeamOSM said...

We have that whale towel for Jonah! =D