Monday, May 16, 2011


How far along? 38 weeks.
Total weight gain/loss: No change from last week, so still up 37.
Maternity clothes? Ja.
Stretch marks? Some minor-ish ones (I think).
Sleep: Sucks. Want more.
Best moment this week: James discovering how to burrow into my cervix. Oh. Wait. Not that.
Movement: Slowing down a bit, which is apparently normal since he's now running out of room in there.
Food cravings: Fruit still. Juicy things. Cold things.
Gender: He-child.
Labor Signs: Big increase in practice contractions this week. Most are still the painless Braxton-Hicks ones, but some actually hurt, like mild period cramps.
Belly Button in or out? Still mostly in. I think that 2-4 weeks is not enough time for it to go out completely, but Noah thinks it will.
What I miss: My waist. Being able to do things without feeling like hell the next day.
What I am looking forward to: Having an outside baby.
Weekly Wisdom: Relax. Then relax some more. Then take a nap, after which should ideally come more relaxing.
Milestones: Two weeks until my due date, and we just ordered the last of the necessities from Amazon (car seat, nursing bras)! There's still some stuff on our list, but nothing that we strictly need.


Rosa said...

Hope you ordered really big bras, because believe it or not, you're going to get much bigger! Eeeeek! There will be mountains in eastern GA.

Emmaline said...

"Outside baby" made me imagine an infant sitting atop a rickety dog house, chained to a tree.

Also, tell me what sort of stuff you need. Other than clothes and cute things, I have no idea what I'm bringing with me and I'd like to be a bit more help with practical stuff (boo, until he's a bit older, anyway, and then I'll be the aunt that brings him ridiculous frivolities). So, yes. List.

heiligeglut said...

Rose - Yep, I did. I'm already up one cup size from my normal, and I ordered bras that should work for two more cup sizes, so hopefully that'll work at least until they settle down and I can see where I'm at.

Em - That doesn't sound so bad. Babbies love being outside. He can chase cats.

We don't really need much. The only things on my list now are a couple receiving blankets (don't know what they are, but apparently we should have them), some crib sheets and mattress protectors, and more clothes. Everyone says that summer babies in Georgia require hats, and he's got a couple of baseball caps already, but I can't find any big floppy hats, so we're still looking for one of those too. So basically, other than one or two things, clothes and cute things are essentially what we need. :D

YoMama said...

Okay, Mommy's bringing lots of clothes, mostly onesies but a couple 2 piece outfits. Em, you should probably look for some hats. Leah, you should look for some baby sunblock, because if he's exposed to sun even for a few minutes, his new baby skin WILL burn. I'm also bringing you 4 receiving blankets, which are a very very thin flannel blanket, which will be very helpful for keeping the sun off Jim's epidermis.

YoMamaAgain said...

BTW, when a baby gets even a mild sunburn, he gets these HUGE HUGE blisters that look like you held an iron to him...