Friday, May 20, 2011

An assortment of pictures.

Why Noah should not be allowed to watch anime.

Why Noah hates going for walks with me. (he doesn't actually - it's shocking how well he puts up with silly antics) (extra-parenthetical-bonus: he is wearing a shirt for once! impressive, no?)

In addition to these two random silly pictures, I have also been trying to practice taking reasonable pictures of moving things in an effort to have non-blurry pictures once James shows up and starts flailing about. My attempts thus far:

Bruce is a good stand-in for a babby. At least Jim will not be solid black and will be forced to stay where I put him for a little while.

The results of instructing Noah to go dance about for a minute.

Possible retribution for forcing him to balance a pine cone on his hat?


Emmaline said...

You guys are adorable and I miss you. Luckily I'll be seeing you in less than 24 hours! :)

Rosa said...

I love the last set. You two look very happy. I'm so glad you blog! Have fun with the family and enjoy looking through my eclectic collection of items.

Kevin said...

If Noah didn't like your silly antics, you wouldn't be together. You two are adorable as