Wednesday, April 13, 2011


My ring doesn't fit any more! *sob* It's not a huge deal, really, since neither of us are big on rings (I think Noah doesn't even have one). It's been sitting in my jewelry tray for several months, but I just tried to slip it on and it barely goes past my knuckle. Ah well, I guess chubby fingers come with the territory. My shoes feel about half a size too tight, too. I may have to live in flip flops until June.

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YoMama said...

Ah, Leah. What goes around, comes around...When I was pregnant with you, the only thing that would fit on my feet were a pair of stretchy leather sandals. I wore those things to the hospital, even, and when I left three days after you were born, they were so floppy they wouldn't even stay on my feet. So there.