Sunday, April 10, 2011

Crib assembly.

We're slowly making progress on getting Jim's room somewhat presentable, and yesterday we finally got around to putting his crib together. By that, of course, I mean Noah put his crib together while I watched and occasionally made helpful comments such as, "That looks heavy." and "Haha, you're making a silly face." In my defense, I really did want to help but Noah wasn't hearing any of it - I think he's afraid I'm going to spontaneously burst into labor if I attempt to hold something over five pounds (or use an allen wrench, apparently).


We opted to go with the light wood so that it would match the glider we picked up at the used store for $25. I'm actually quite impressed - it turned out to be exactly the same color. I need to make some new covers for the cushions on the glider, but after that it should all look quite nice.

The only picture I have which includes the glider also prominently features Noah's butt. Not my fault.

It all went together shockingly easily, with the exception of the metal thingy that the mattress sits on. That part would likely have been easy as well if I'd been allowed to help, but Noah was all "RARRRR! Am MAN! Can assemble ALONE!" And he could, with a bit of cursing and finger-pinching.

You'll have to fill in the profanities from your own imaginations.

In the end, the entire thing only took about forty-five minutes to completely assemble, which is not bad at all.

"Look triumphant," I said.

The finished product is absolutely enormous. Is that how big cribs normally are? I could practically sleep in it. It seems a little oversized for a tiny baby. Noah informs me that Jim will probably get larger eventually, but still. It's crazy big.

Also, is it absolutely necessary to make cribs so prison-like? I'm not sure Jimmybear needs to be going behind bars quite yet.

Today, alas, we haven't been quite so productive. We spent the morning playing co-op games on the 360 and chasing each other around the house with squirt guns.

Yep, we are totally suitable to be taking home a baby.


Rhianna H said...

I'm glad that at least Noah knows babies grow after birth. :) Are you guys also thinking about co-sleeping at all?

Also, do you read Sew Liberated? With all of your blog talk, I'm sure you've come across it before.

YoMama said...

Leah, as I said, at least he doesn't have plumber's crack:-) And Noah, congrats on a job well done. Your MIL highly approves of you. But only if you feed me fried chicken and waffles when I come to visit.

heiligeglut said...

We're not planning on co-sleeping, per se, but he'll be sleeping in our room right next to the bed for the first 4-6 weeks or so, and I have no doubt that late-night breastfeeding sessions will at least sometimes turn into him sleeping in the bed. Haven't seen Sew Liberated before - I'll check it out.

Rosa said...

Nice pick on the furniture, I really like how it looks. Fits perfectly in the spot too. I used cloth diapers and you should see if they still make diaper liners, they're like the inside of a disposable and really help with the clean up and keep the wetness away from their skin. You get the benefits of disposable without the waste and cost. Also a diaper pail full of water and detergent to soak them in whilst they wait to be washed works well. Hippie Oma advice!