Friday, April 8, 2011

Wee bit camera shy.

Went in for another ultrasound this morning. Aside from spending twenty minutes in the waiting room with the largest pack of rednecks I've ever seen in my life (nothing against rednecks - just a remarkable quantity of them), it was pretty uneventful. The tech wouldn't tell me anything other than that he now weighs 4lb 4oz, which is apparently very very slightly larger than average for this point, but I've got an appointment with my new doctor on Monday, so I'll do my best to pump some cool statistics and fancy medical terms out of her then.

Jim wasn't particularly amenable to having his picture taken, alas. He kept trying to hide behind his fist, not realizing that his fist, while very impressive, is not quite large enough to conceal his entire face. For your viewing pleasure, here are the two tolerable pictures we managed to get:

Can't make out much of his face in this one, but his fist is significantly more fist-like than it is in the other one.

Face is adorably chubby, but his arm looks like some kind of creepy flesh-eating eel, or a fountain of chocolate milk sprouting spontaneously from his eye. Or something like that.


Rosa said...

Look how cute his nose is! I want to kiss it. Is that hair I see or just shadowing? You can't hide from us little Jimmy.

heiligeglut said...

Hmmm, I didn't even notice that. Noah says just shadowing, but I'm betting/hoping hair. Did Noah have much hair as a newborn?

Tarren said...

Leah, you still crack me up! Do you ever miss me? Cuz I miss you like crazy! And your humor only makes me want to hop a plane and come down there for a week long stay!

Rosa said...

That's the reason I said hair, it looks like his hairline and amount when he was born. Not much, but some and he was blonde/light brown. Rhi had a little more than him and I was a bald baby.

Emmaline said...

Well, since you apparently came out looking like a baby gorilla I bet James will definitely have a decent amount of hair. Also, his cheekies are flub-tastic and ohmigod I'm baby-talking already. :(