Thursday, April 28, 2011

A conversation with James.

One of the nicer things about being this far along is that I can feel different bits of the baby when he's moving around and he can respond a bit to being touched. For example, take our discussion last night:

Jim: *sticks butt out against left side*
Leah: *pokes butt*
J: *punches bladder*
L: *poke*
J: *punch*
L: *poke*
J: *punch*
L: *almost wets bed before scampering rapidly shuffling awkwardly to bathroom*
J: *twirls mustache malevolently* (presumably)

It's not much, I know, but still, it's some real pre-birth interaction. I kind of feel sorry for Noah since he won't be able to have any real give-and-take communication with James until after he's born. On the other hand, given the back pain, bladder capacity, sciatic nerve dysfunction, inability to walk properly, pelvic looseness, foot-swelling, hand stiffness, and constant shortness of breath, maybe it's only fair that I get a small perk or two before he comes out. Yeah, actually, I totally take that back. I don't feel sorry for Noah at all.


Rosa said...

Enjoy these last few weeks. It really is easier to take care of them in than out! The pregnancy aches and pains will be worth it when you get to hold him and he grasps your finger. I love your style.

Kevin said...

It sounds like a rather abusive relationship you have with him, and one where your own evil seems a bit overmatched for once ;).

YoMama said...

Weah, you are so funny. I'm not sure who you got your imagination from...