Saturday, February 26, 2011


My appointment Thursday was pretty uneventful, if a tad lengthy. I showed up the standard ten minutes early for my ultrasound and waited for about thirty minutes to be told that actually there was a scheduling error and I wasn't having an ultrasound after all. (awww, sad face) I wound up waiting another thirty minutes to see my nurse practitioner for the other important stuff.

By the time they called me back I was incredibly thirsty, since I foolishly forgot to bring a bottle of water and the water fountain was broken, and there were also no magazines in the waiting room (very mysterious - there are always a zillion copies of the standard How to Not Screw Up Your Kid and Fifty New Ways to Get Pregnant and Haha You're Never Going to Lose the Baby Weight magazines in there). Life is so hard. Fortunately, I discovered another water fountain just outside the waiting room (felt very stupid - it was about ten feet away from where I was previously dying of thirst) and managed to drink enough to provide a suitable urine sample for them to test.

The actual appointment was pretty good. My blood pressure is fine, my weight seems okay, and all my bloodwork from last time came back looking perfect. My blood glucose is apparently exemplary, which was rather a pleasant shock - I celebrated once I got home with far too many brownies. Jim's heart sounds lovely, and I'm still measuring about two weeks big, which is apparently normal for me.

We discussed the birth plan stuff after that, and she was very supportive of all the granola-hippie crap. She thought it all sounded very well thought-out and recommended that I transfer to a doctor there who apparently specializes in natural births. Her reasoning was that she, as a lowly nurse practitioner, didn't have a lot of authority down in labor and delivery, but the new doctor has a lot more sway and can help make sure I get what I want. So, I'll probably be meeting a new doctor soon, which should be moderately interesting.

So, the end result is that I go back in another two weeks for a regular appointment and a growth ultrasound (prediction: fibroid unchanged, Jim's head still massive), and shortly after that I meet the new doctor. Should be fun.

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