Saturday, February 12, 2011

Shiny fancy doctor visit.

So, Thursday I went to the doctor, and there's really not a lot to report. Noah was free early, so he could come with me (and drive and park in the terrifying parking garage), which was really nice.

They kept us pretty busy from the second we arrived. I had to run straight downstairs to get a glucose drink in me. It was...not as bad as expected. It was basically just like drinking thick flat orange soda, and not a lot of it - half a small glass. So that was a lot less scary than I expected.

After chugging that, we went back upstairs for an ultrasound. It was a little odd - I'm used to it just being the u/s tech and me in the room, but this time there were two random doctors hanging out watching it as well. They were pretty amusing, though, and the commentary was fun, so all was well. It turns out that James looks perfectly normal, except that his head is enormous. Actually, all of him is pretty big. They said he was about 1 pound 13 ounces, which about two weeks bigger than normal.

We also had the excitement of watching him pee on the ultrasound. Weird.

After the ultrasound was the actual OB appointment. The normal stuff was done - urine test, blood pressure (much higher than usual - 135/70, as opposed to my normal 105/60ish), weight, etc. My nurse got Noah to check my fundal height (still a little bigger than it should be) and find the heartbeat with a doppler. He said this made him feel like a kindergartener on a field trip.

Last of all, we went straight back downstairs to get the blood drawn for the glucose test, exactly one hour after drinking the orange crap. It hurt, and I whined (to Noah, not to the tech - can't be looking like a wuss in front of strangers, now). For some reason I'm absolutely convinced I'm going to fail it and have to get the three-hour test and live on brown rice and plain chicken and other non-cupcake items for the remainder of the pregnancy, but I haven't heard back yet, so... So far so good.

We didn't really get any good pictures from the ultrasound, but I'll try to post the few we did get later on. We're planning on a lazy day today (Noah's birthday!), so I might instead just lounge around on the couch with him while he digs gardens to make his pinatas happy.


Rosa said...

Sounds like a nice visit overall. Have a great day together. Give Jimmy a pat for me.

TeamOSM said...

Haha, "other non-cupcake items".

My friend Steph had GD and she can't choke down broccoli anymore. She ate it almost every day.

Praying for a clean bill of cupcake eating!