Wednesday, February 9, 2011

An idyllic breakfast scene.

It was a pretty early morning today. Noah had to do PT at some ungodly hour, and he's still on his learner's permit, so I had to get up with him in the middle of the night so he could drive on base to do jumping jacks and pushups and what-have-you. That was fairly unpleasant, but it was made up for by the fact that he could then come home to stay for a few hours before heading off to do important stuff.

For whatever reason, he decided that he was going to make us a big omelette for breakfast. Naturally I rejoiced – there is no breakfast so delicious as one I didn't have to cook. Plus he makes a pretty mean omelette. That said, when he reached for the jalapenos in the back of the fridge, I was mildly concerned. Last time I put jalapenos in something, I made the error of not wearing gloves to dice them and not washing my hands sufficiently afterwards. I was left with burning fingers, a burning nose where I scratched it, burning eyes where I rubbed them while crying about the burning nose... Bad situation all around. I tried to warn Noah, but he apparently thought I was just being a baby about it and went ahead and just diced up the jalapenos for our omelette.

I was setting the table when I heard him start howling. I looked around and he was babbling semi-coherently about “BURNS! My EYES! Buuuurning! WHY?”

Naturally, the man was rubbing his eyes in a misguided effort to make it better. I told him to quit rubbing more jalapeno juice into his eyes and pushed him into the bathroom to wash his hands with hot soapy water and spend some time rinsing out his eyes with cold water. It seemed to help, but I think he'll be spending the rest of the day looking like he's got a bad case of pink-eye. At least he no longer thinks I was just being a wuss about the previous batch of jalapenos.

The omelette did wind up being delicious, I'm delighted to report. I'm slightly less happy to report that I threw up the entire thing ten minutes after I finished it. Oh hi, morning sickness – welcome back. Always a pleasure.


Rose said...

I commented earlier and it didn't accept it so here it goes again. Tell Noah Rhianna had a bad experience this summer with peppers. We were canning and didn't use gloves-OW! We tried every internet remedy they had, but nothing took it away completely. I'm glad you enjoyed the omelette and that he made it. He should be able to handle meatloaf and lasagna too if he was paying attention.

Kevin said...

Is it sad I pictured Noah as a character from Invader Zim?