Thursday, February 27, 2014

Lottie at Three Weeks Old

Okay, I'm obsessed with comparing pictures, but again for comparison's sake: Jim at three weeks. Note how much happier she is about the proceedings.

Jim was obsessed with this bow and kept insisting that I put it back on her after I took it off.

Speaking of happy babies, Lottie started smiling and cooing a little just before she was three weeks. Told you she was a sociable little thing.


Oma said...

She is much chubbier tio. Funny how differet personalities can be. Jim will isist she do many thigs over the years so she should get used to the bow, or it's equivalet!

Leah said...

Oh yeah, she's way chubbier. I think she's about a pound and a half heavier than he was at this age.

Ma said...

Her feet look enormous in this pic:)