Friday, February 28, 2014

Lottie at Four Weeks Old

As per usual, Jim at four weeks. Have you noticed how much more thorough the weekly Jim posts were?

This is one of about two usable pictures from that session, due primarily to Jim's "I'm not touching you!" game.

Note how tight that onesie is getting on her giant belly. At four weeks, she was almost entirely grown out of her newborn stash. She can kind-of-sort-of fit into a few 3-6m things in addition to her 0-3 stuff, too. Only things without legs, though. She's got a huge torso and itty bitty short limbs.


Oma said...

Mwahahaha! You thought you were busy with a toddler. Whiile pregnant you worry about loving them as much and how will he adjust, but that is nothing compared to the sleep deprived how do i keep up with them reality of life. Love you all.

Ma said...

Weah, I'm telling you, she looks like you did, and she's shaped like you were...