Friday, May 31, 2013

Meanwhile, back on the farm...

We got chickens last month! These were the chirpiest cardboard boxes I ever heard in my life.

Jim enjoyed watching me unload them.

These are Cornish Cross. They will grow up to be delicious.

Jim anticipates many chicken dinners eight weeks hence.

On the left we have Toulouse geese, which will hopefully also be delicious (never having had goose, I'm not sure). On the right we have a variety of egg-laying chicks, who are destined for a long and happy life.

Goslings. SO CUTE. (and so freaking filthy - their pen was just destroyed within ten minutes of habitation)

Jim's face after he got to touch one.

Jim's face when reminded of the chickens several minutes later.

Fast-forward several weeks, and it turns out our whole fenceline is covered in honeysuckle. Reminds me of spending hours eating honeysuckle on my Pap's fencerow.

Jim can now pose for the camera.

Alfred is getting bigger. He's SO skinny though. We're going to the vet today to see what we can do to put a little weight on him.


We moved the chicks out to the barn (and then yesterday moved them outside finally).

Goslings! Still so cute.

Jim likes to herd them around.

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Oma said...

Very nice looking set up for your chickens. You're turning into quite the farmers. Lots of work! Jimmy looks very pleased with the whole operation. Hugs to all(not the chickens though) Love ya'