Monday, May 6, 2013


Well, most of you know we've been working on a new addition. So, here it is!

This one's from Saturday. I just love peeing on stuff when I'm pregnant.

We found out on the 30th. I know we've told a few of you already, but I was waiting to post it 'officially' until the test line got a little more visible with serious squinting. Assuming the online calculators are correct, I'm due January 11th 2014, which makes me about four weeks pregnant now. Cue informative diagram:

Aww, adorable little dividing cells!

We had a bit of a hard time figuring out what to call this one at first. We can't go with Buckethead again - that was Jim's fetus name. But creativity apparently abandoned us for this particular bundle o' DNA. So we asked Jim what we should call the baby. He gave us his best disapproving look and sternly replied "No, no."

So we're calling this one Baby No-no. Silly name for a fetus embryo, but you can blame Jim for that, not us.


Ma said...

Leah, although Baby No-no is adorable, you must remember that "Buckethead" is the name for all fetuses in the WHOLE family of undetermined gender. Therefore, "Buckethead #2" or just plain "Buckethead" is what I am calling my latest grandbaby...

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Oma said...

I called Noah chick pea, then peanut, then kiwi. I guess I was a hungry pregnant lady! A blastocyst does kinda resemble a garbanzo bean if you think about it.