Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Jim is TWO!

And how weird is that? Extremely weird, in my opinion.

There's really not a lot to say about it. Jim is two years old, and he is hilarious and stubborn and a pain in the butt and generally awesome. His favorite foods are noodles and cere-deedle, but he really likes anything. No picky eaters in THIS house. His vocabulary is growing slowly but surely. His physical skills are way ahead of the game - he can jump and kick and climb the huge terrifying ladder to the barn loft whenever I turn my back. He likes to help me put away dishes and take care of the animals, but he also likes to try to hit chickens with his hammer and dunk his head in any open vessel of water. He doesn't go anywhere without his hat, and he doesn't let Noah go anywhere without his hat, either.

Overall, I think he's a pretty good guy, and I'm not gonna type any more right now because I'm totally tearing up over here about him growing up. Seriously, last night I dreamed he was sixteen and going to work with Noah. True, they were both wearing overalls and shirts with trucks on them, but still. He's too damn old, and it makes me sad.

So enough words. Let's have a video. This was Jim's little birthday party that we had for him on Sunday. It was small, of course, just Noah and me and Jim and his Aunt Emmy. He got shoes and cars and a little swimming pool, which Noah commandeered. We had Saturday night casserole and yellow cake with lemon cream cheese frosting, and Jim loved all of it. His favorite part was having us sing to him (he looked pleasantly surprised the whole time), and he successfully blew out both of his candles without assistance.


Ma said...

Yay!!!! I wish we could've been there:( When you guys get here, we'll have a cookout and fun presents and WEAH can bake ME a cake, which I will share with Jimbo, and maybe everyone else. Meanwhile, me and Dad watched this video several times.

Oma said...

I thought the same as your mother and wish we could have been there too. Presents when you get to PA Jimmy. Videos make me smile:)