Thursday, May 2, 2013


Jim's easter basket! The bubbles were his favorite part.

He wasn't totally impressed with the peeps. His loss; I ate them.

He was pretty pleased with the chocolate and the bunny, though.

Like last year, coloring the eggs was kind of a rush job five minutes before his little egg hunt. They turned out pretty well, I think.

When I say "egg hunt," understand that to mean "Jim walks along and plucks eggs from the surface of the ground."

He liked it a lot, though. Next year we need to do more eggs for him to find.

Awww, Jim and Daddy-legs.

I hid some chocolate by the last egg for him to find.

This was the only egg that was even slightly hidden. It gave him no trouble.

Posing with the spoils of war.

Not satisfied with the number of eggs hidden for him, he removed them all from the basket so he could put them back in again.

Yep, got 'em all.


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