Tuesday, December 11, 2012

So, this is where we live now, part I: The Great Outdoors.

It's a LOT bigger than our old place - 3500 square feet as opposed to around 1800.

The driveway. You can barely see the house from the road, if you're looking hard.

Front 'yard,' which is really about an acre and a half of woods. Note old pig shed (since removed) and ancient broken satellite dish, which we haven't yet figured out how to remove.

Toward the back yard/pasture/etc.

Windows - note messed up woodwork and icky roof.

Porch. That's not so bad, right? Except for the hornet nests, I mean...

Left side of house, with bonus brother-in-law. Note more messed-up windows, non-functioning air conditioner just sitting there (since removed), huge furnace that turned out not to work (since replaced).

Back of house. Note 2x4 rail and wrecked back door.

And the back again, so you can see our classy back yard fence with the broken gate and fallen-down tree.

Right side of house. Note back-door-that-used-to-be-garage-door and weird Door To Nowhere above it.

Now on to the back 40*, with your tour guide, Jim!

The pasture! Note dilapidated fence and old dirt road.

Chicken coop and rabbit shed, both to be removed soon and replaced with a nice big chicken run in the barn.

Said barn. Actually in better shape than it looks.

Ignore the busted up roof. And the wasp infestation.

But do note the overgrown door-way (practically need a machete to get in) and the kick-ass loft.

Inside the barn. Note: leftover horse poop, invading vines.

Left side of pasture. Not much to see here.

Jim has found a leaf (the first of many).

Posing by the tree.

Angry faces! Angry faces everywhere!

Stay tuned tomorrow for: The Great Indoors.

*Back 5, actually. We don't have 40 acres. :(


Steve Finnell said...
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Rhianna H said...

It's charming and adorable, but definitely needs work. Your captions are not selling it at all.

Leah said...

Haha, I know. Fortunately most of the issues will be fixed within a couple months (roof, windows, general state of overgrown disuse), and then it'll be awesome.

Maureen Plotts said...

Even though it has it issues, like you said in a few months of fixing and care it will be looking much better. I think the house is quite charming, rather sprawling country estate ;-)

Oma said...

Bigger than I expected and in better shape than I thought too. If we lived closer Curt would have you fixed up in no time! Thanks for all the pics.