Wednesday, December 12, 2012

And Part II, The Great Indoors.

Be warned - this is an astonishingly complete tour.

Our tour starts on the porch, of course.

Behold, the entry! To the left there is the living room. Straight ahead we have a coat closet, the dining room, and the stairs. To the right is a hallway leading to the downstairs bathroom and the kitchen, and to the FAR right (like 180 degrees right) is the other living room.

The living room! We have cleaned up the broken glass AND put light fixtures in place of those wires poking out of the wall, so it looks better already.

And the view from the other side, with Jim and his Aunt Emmy for scale.

From the living room we go to the dining room. TWO linen closets, count 'em.

And the dining room. Remind me to tell you about the ceiling sometime.

Here's one end of the kitchen. Haven't decided what I'm going to do with it yet, but I think this is going to be our big project next year.

And the other end of the kitchen. Don't you love the built-in radio thingy? You can't really see in the previous picture, but there's also a built-in can opener and a built-in food processor in the cabinet. This place is 1970s state-of-the-art.

Jim checks out the view from the awesome kitchen window.

Yeeech. Previous ownder wasn't much for cleaning the windows, apparently. Or maybe that's just what happens when nobody lives in a house for two years.

Jim does quality control. (and oh yeah, there are the can opener and food processor, see?)

Here's the hallway, with Jim helping with the cleaning. Bathroom is on the left, pantry is on the right (but Noah's planning on turning the pantry into his under-the-stairs computer hidey-hole.

Looks like a bathroom, yes?

Aaaand the OTHER living room. Probably going to make this one into a library. That fireplace is my favorite thing ever, right alongside the built-in gun rack (which we're probably going to convert to a book and/or liquor shelf).

The other side of the room.

And the ceiling. Isn't that a little alarming? We just had that fixed, fortunately.

This is part of the ex-garage. Noah's probably going to turn it into his workshop.

This is the scary dark room on the left of the garage, complete with scarier darker room inside it. Nesting creepy torture rooms, seriously. This house has it all.

Less-scary room on the right of the garage. At least it has windows, yes?

And the other side of the less-scary room. It has a bathroom. I think somebody used to actually live in this place.

And just a quick glance at the laundry area before we go upstairs. I think it'll be a lot less grim once we replace the solid door with one that has a big window for light.

So, up we go! The stairs are Jim's favorite feature. Rest assured we do have an actual banister now...

At the top of the stairs, we've got the master bedroom on the left with an attached nursery, then this hallway on the right. The room at the end is Jim's bedroom.

Half the master bedroom. The whole upstairs needs new flooring and a coat of paint but it's all otherwise in good shape.

Other angle of master bedroom. The left door leads to the adjoining nursery and the right door leads to the hall.

Part A of the two-part master bathroom.

One of the two master bathroom closets on the left.

And separate toilet/shower room on the right.

And here's the adjoining nursery, which is nursery-like.

And here I'm skipping the huge linen closet (with a laundry chute right down to the laundry room closet!). Moving on.

Upstairs hall bathroom. This one also has the separate toilet/bathtub room attached too it, if you make a sharp left when you walk in.

Next thing down the hall, Jim's room! See, it's even already blue.

Jim admires his view.

And last but not least, the Dog Room (so-called because of the mysterious claw marks covering the inside of the door).

Two closets, you see. We're using this room for a combination computer/sewing room. I'm sitting in the corner typing this very post, actually.

And there you have it, folks (assuming anyone made it to the end of this). That's where we live. Rest assured I'll be tormenting you with plenty of updated pictures as we do stuff to it.


Rhianna H said...

Love the house! You guys are going to have fun making it yours, I'm sure. You and Noah were both emphasizing the bad parts when describing it before, which made me uncertain about it. Good thing neither of you are in sales.

But it's such a nice secluded area, and all of the trees/shade should keep it cooler in the summer time, especially with how many windows there are to air it out at night! How many bedrooms are there? Nursery, Jim's, yours, and extra room?

Oma said...

I agree with Rhianna, don't go into sales, your descriptions didn't do it justice. Very nice and just waiting for you to fix, clean and polish it into what you want. Lots of room for visiting relatives too!!!!

Maureen Plotts said...

Its very you type of place, large kitchen and all. Its perfect for a growing family;-)

Holy bathrooms, hope you like cleaning toilets. Though rather too many than not enough, plumbing renovations suck. Love the large amounts of closet and storage spaces is great. The scary rooms should just be storage, there are ways to make them have less horror movie appeal. That ceiling was a bit scary, though fixable. When I think of a bigger place I'd design, its a similar layout. Hope you got if for a good price. Love to see pics when you get things moved in and settled.

Maureen Plotts said...

Love your descriptions, they make me laugh. I can just imagine you saying these as you give us a tour. Though I agree sales would not be your strong suit with such descriptions.

Ma said...

Yes, folks, I can assure you that the house is a veritable mansion. I visited over Thanksgiving. I arrived with much fear and trepidation due to the aforementioned descriptions, prepared to "rough it" in a decrepit abode. However, I found it more than livable, even delightful, as I could appreciate what it IS and what it WILL BE with a little time and TLC. The kids have some wonderful ideas and the energy to pursue them and it is a PERFECT place to grow a family.