Tuesday, October 23, 2012

We took Jim to a field. We took a lot of pictures.

As you can see, Noah is determined to instill an early love of football.

Look at his hair blow. Awww.

This is how most of the afternoon was spent. Jim jettisons ball; Noah retrieves it.

Waving is serious business.

If you look verrrrrry closely, you'll see the main problem with going outside in Georgia ever. This particular nest was about twice the size of Jim.

An airplane! Jim is good at identifying airplanes.

Jim finds something...

...and by the look on his face, it's something awesome/gross.

Noah is obsessed with tying knots.

Jim clearly regrets volunteering to help with the knot-tying.

More airplanes? This is Jim's favorite place ever.

Stairs are pretty easy to climb, as long as you have a hand-hold.

Running down the hill to climb them again is the best part.

Aaaand again (and again, and again, and...).

Playing limbo with the rail on the bleachers.

Clearly, Jim was made for sporting paraphernalia.

And one bonus climbing picture, just to give the grandmothers heart palpitations. Did it work?


Rhianna H said...

I appreciate Jim's fence climbing prowess. This is how I most frequently gain access to my enemy's fortress, and he's merely learning it early.

Leah said...

Jim will leave no fortresses unbreached!

Oma said...

I too have scaled a fence or two in my life. Good training for teenage hijinks. I'm glad he's not too high. I once had a kid climb to the top of the fence and he didn't want to come down. Not fun.

Ma said...

I do not recall any fence-climbing in your early childhood, Leah, however, you almost climbed out of your crib once, and I caught you just before you fell. It makes me wonder: Is Jim still sleeping in his crib?