Thursday, October 11, 2012

Jim's doctor visit

This was pretty uneventful, so I'm just going to mark down the stats before I forget.

Jim is now 23lb 7oz, which is 25th percentile (up from 21lb and 22nd percentile at his 12-month appointment). He's 31 inches tall, which is 32nd percentile (up from 29.125" and 30th percentile last time). His head is 19.5 inches around, which is around 95th percentile (19 inches and 98th percentile last time). So, he's more or less maintaining his little-guy-with-a-giant-head status. He's probably going to need custom-made hats when he's grown up. But hey, that's no big deal. My brother needs gigantic hats too, as I recall, so he won't be alone.

He got a couple shots, which he handled with aplomb. Noah came along just in case, since he's a lot better than I am at comforting a hysterical Jim, but it turned out he wasn't needed for that task. There was no crying at all, just a rather betrayed howl and an angry face for a couple seconds after the burn-y one.

Other than that, there's not much to remark on. His speaking skills are, as I suspected, a bit behind - most babies apparently have 5-10 words at this age, and Jim doesn't have any except for the occasional dada. His comprehension is great, though, and he knows a lot of signs and can follow instructions, so there's no real need for concern, especially since boys are apparently usually much slower to speak than girls are. The doctor said he'd refer us to a speech development expert if we wanted, but he didn't see any reason to worry unless he's still not speaking at 24 months. Physically and intellectually, though, he's in the normal-to-awesome range.


Mom said...

Leah, once he does start to talk, he'll probably not stop. You were a chatterbox extraordinaire.

Oma said...

Uh-oh Noah was a chatterbox too, you better enjoy the silence while you can.

Oma said...

Also, actually he has more words than most babies his age they're just in sign, which is language. He may not be verbalizing his thoughts, but he is communicating.