Thursday, October 4, 2012

King of the Chickens.

Here you see the wild Jim in his natural habitat.

He digs carefully through the dirt and grass, searching for sustenance to last him the long hard winter until he goes inside for snacks.

Here he leads his hens in search of new foraging grounds.

Or possibly he's just going to turn on them and eat one of the hens instead.

Bonus picture: First egg we ever got. We're getting about 3 a day now, when we can find them.


Emmaline said...

That's a well placed chicken in the next-to-last picture.

Leah said...

Yes it is. I had to screen carefully for pictures with minimal baby gonads.

Mom said...

Leah, that second pic will be one to use for blackmail when he gets older, much like your famous potty pictures.