Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ahhh, the great outdoors.

Have I ever mentioned that we love Mistletoe State Park? Because we do. It's only about half an hour from us (20 minutes, once we move!), and it's basically the closest thing I can find down here to the woods I grew up with. It's not the biggest park in the world, but it's pretty and it's clean and I've never run into any other hikers there, so I like it. Lack of popularity is definitely a selling point in my book.

Jim strides boldly into the wild unknown.

Anyway, we took a hike there a couple weeks ago, and it was awesome. It was the first really good fall day we've had so far - about 60 degrees and cloudy, with that excellent dead-leaf smell that is so hard to find down here. For some reason Georgia trees just don't usually do much during the fall, so one of my priorities at our new place is planting some trees that will actually turn colors and smell like October at the appropriate time.

How to Turn a Baby* from Downcast to Overjoyed in Four Seconds.

Jim was overjoyed to find that there were quite a few leaves on the ground there, and he took great pleasure in bringing us the best ones he could find. At times this appeared to be all the ones he could find, so the walk took about three hours even though we only went 4-5 miles.

Jim's look-at-THIS face.

Presenting Noah with a particularly good specimen.

It's pretty great that Jim is now old enough to go on walks. He walked probably about two miles on his own, and rode more-or-less happily in the ergo for the rest of it. I look forward to many more family hikes in our future.

*I can't stop calling him a baby. He's still totally a baby, right, guys? Right? Guys?


Emmaline said...

Totally still a baby. Looks like a nice walk! Much too green for a proper October day, though. :)

Mom said...

He'll always be your baby, Leah, just like you're my baby and Em's my baby and Charlie's my baby...*mommy cries*

Leah said...

No crying allowed, woman! This here's a joyous web-space!