Friday, May 16, 2014

Ten minutes with Jim and Lottie.

Boxes are cool, as are the remains of a spaghetti lunch.

Lottie looks sternly at the camera.

Now contemplative.

Now curious.

Aww, hugs. Or squishing. One of those.

Jim likes to pile blankets on Lottie. Apparently it's a tent.

Lottie doesn't mind.

Oh wait, a box! Er, excuse me, a car.

Back to blanketing the baby.

Free at last!

And this is the part where I drop the camera and run to save Lottie from being dropped on her head (...again).

Jim takes a break to sit on his cartoon-watching perch.

A moment's peace before the frenzy resumes.

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Oma said...

Nice slice of life moments. Remember times like these.