Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What an old baby.

Tummy-time isn't quite the torture it used to be.

Lottie is 4 months old now! Geez. That seems so old, doesn't it? But it's true. She's becoming quite venerable. She can roll over (from back to front only, but she tries really hard to do it the other way, too), and she now likes to hold and gum anything she can get her hands on, especially if it belongs to Jim. Jim naturally does not approve of this and reclaims all objects immediately, at which point Lottie squalls. Apparently protesting when you remove a toy is a milestone, too. Who'da thunk it?

Dealing with big brother's dubious affections is making her a pretty tough baby, too.

Personality-wise, she's the happiest, most sociable baby you ever saw. She smiles and laughs and talks if anyone so much as glances in her direction. She's a bit melodramatic, too: If anyone stops glancing in her direction, she sobs like she's being beaten. Everyone has to pay attention to Lottie or else. Physically, she's on track with her milestones but super lazy. Tummy-time isn't torturous anymore, but she doesn't really make much of an effort either. She just kind of lies there waiting for somebody to get down and talk to her. I was looking up old videos of Jim at this age and was absolutely shocked to see how much he kicked and wiggled. I'll post a comparison soon so you all can marvel with me. I can't believe how much they neither look nor act like each other. I'm hoping this means she won't be as crashing-through-the-walls insane as Jim is when she's a toddler.

This is what Lottie looks like if you even hint that you're going to talk to her.

To celebrate her being an old baby, we took her to the doctor this week. While Jim observed and gorged himself on goldfish crackers, she was pronounced to be 14 lb (58th percentile) and 24 inches (37th percentile), with a moderately large (but not freakish) head (actually slightly smaller than Jim at this age, much to my surprise). Lottie being Lottie, of course, she smiled and laughed through the whole thing. She even took the shots with remarkable stoicism and only cried for ten seconds. What a tough baby.

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Mom said...

WEAH! Sorry I missed your call! I told Dad he should've woke me up! The pics are precious. I love you!