Friday, April 11, 2014

For your viewing pleasure.

Right, so here are some NEW pictures of what the kiddies look like now. I've got a stockpile of pictures involving various aunts and uncles and grandmothers, too, so expect those shortly. Or sometime. Hopefully shortly, but no guarantees.

Lottie at 12 weeks old (that would be on Wednesday April 9th, folks). She broke out howling about half a second later, so that's why she looks so concerned.

Jim fell asleep on the couch. He really ought to just accept that he still needs a nap.

Noah and Jim performing one of their many acrobatics routines.

Lottie loves standing like a people. You can tell by her face she feels all kinds of impressive.

Pajama-clad Jim being adorable for the camera. I cropped out most of the messy floor, aren't you glad?

Lottie is the happiest smiliest thing I ever met. Jim was always more stoic - kind of the strong silent type. Lottie, on the other hand, is extremely talkative and smiley and always sociable.

Did I mention that she can say 'm' now? 'Cause she totally can. "Mimimimimimimimi" is the word of the day.

Okay, now back to giddiness and joy.

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Emmy said...

She is the cutest thing ever and Jim looks so grown up!!! :( I have a request for a near-future post: video of Jim reading a book out loud.