Wednesday, February 13, 2013


As soon as we got back from Christmas, Noah started building.

The finished product took all of forty minutes for him to make.

And here it is in service.

Yes, he's cute. Yes, we're going to eat him (and his unpictured holstein pal).


Charlie W. said...

Wow, Leah, a dog, cows, chickens, you have quite the farm going! I'm sure Jim will really enjoy this as he gets older!

Oma said...

So are you naming them steak and hamburger?

Leah said...

I know, Charlie, it's crazy! I like just going out back and standing on the fence watching them charge around.

And Rose, nope. I feel like I'd get attached even to silly names, so they're not getting any. We did toss around Ribeye and Porterhouse, though.

Ma said...

Yum and Yummer.