Friday, February 15, 2013

Christmas in Georgia.

Noah saws the top off the tree so we can put a shiny thing up there.

Jim assesses the tree...

...and finds it pleasing.

Pleasing enough to remove all the shinies, even.

Tree post-Jim.

The Salvation Army gave Jim this truck for free. It is now among his most beloved possessions.

The cats never really got into the festivities.

Jim enjoyed helping me make the Christmas cake.

Like really, really enjoyed it.

The verdict? GOOD.

Doesn't he look like a cute little grey-eyed froggy?

The finished product.

"Help, I've fallenclimbed onto the table, and I can't get down!"

Christmas morning.

Jim is bewildered by the bounty that surrounds him.

Poor kid doesn't know where to start.

Finally digging in.

We had to take this away from him almost immediately because he started using it as a flail with which to beat the cats.

One of said cats, hiding in terror.

Jim can't wait to finish unwrapping to see what's inside.

Blurry, cut-off joy.

His absolute favorite present: the little plastic hammer that came with his big truck thing.

Noah watches with pre-coffee amusement.

I hand Jim tools as required.

Jim explains the basics of automotive engineering to Noah.

Seriously, this toolbox, man. Kid loves it.

Sitting on the couch with Dad, still lovingly clutching his hammer.


Oma said...

He reminds me of Rhianna in the second picture-checking out the tree. She used to study things too and think about them. She didn't talk much, but when she did it was always insightful and thought out. Nice family pic on the couch. Don't get to see the three of you together very often.

Ma said...

I MISS YOU GUYS TERRIBLY. Happy birthday to Noah, from his bum of a monster-in-law who has stuff for him but was to lazy to send it yet...These pics are priceless!

Rhianna H said...

You three. Why must you all be so funny, smart, lovely, and far away?

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