Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I'm surrounded by baby things.

Seriously, my world is absolutely flooded with babies at the moment. Jim, of course, and also a puppy, and also two baby cows, and soon forty-five day-old chicks and ten goslings. So much cuteness, so much chaos. Jim is in every post, naturally, but the cows will have to wait until tomorrow (and the baby birds until they arrive). For now, here's Alfred.

We got him at six weeks old, because the owner was kind of a moron and wouldn't keep him until the proper age.

Jim looks uninterested, but don't let that fool you.

He likes him. Mostly. When he's not going into Ferocious Puppy Warrior mode.

Six weeks old in this picture.

Nine weeks old in this one.

Deceptively peaceful-looking here. Most of the time he's racing through the house like a maniac and trying to chomp on whatever his little jaws can fit around.

Like Emmy's sleeve, for example.

His dad is a lab/pit bull mix, and his mother is a rottweiler/something mix. Your guess is as good as mine as far his adult appearance goes.


Rhianna H said...

Such a cutie! At least Jim has experience with adult dogs from visits, plus the ruthless cheese-stealing chickens.

Oma said...

Awwww I want to pet him and let him chew on my sleeve.

Ma said...

He looks like Marmles.