Thursday, April 19, 2012

Random anecdote from about half an hour ago.

Jim has taken to banging his head on the wall. Not hard, mind you, but very deliberately. He'll crouch on all fours in front of the wall, and carefully lean forward and bump his head against the wall. Then he looks around and grins at whomever is around to make sure they saw it. Repeat.

Tonight we were all lounging around in bed before his bedtime, and he started to do this on the wall above the pillows. Being the concerned father that he is, Noah demanded some intervention, so, being the accommodating type that I am, I stuck one of the pillows between Jim and the wall just to give the poor bloke some cushioning. Alas, Jim was not to be deprived of his head-banging glory. He sat back on his haunches and carefully removed the pillow (and the one next to it, too, just to be safe). Then he got into game position, took a deep breath, and.... *BOMP* Big grin.

What a weirdo.


Amber said...

What is it with boys and banging their heads on things? Liam's been doing that lately too on all sorts of things-- the wood floors, his wooden high chair, the wall. It seriously baffles me.

Maggie Little said...

Normal. Well, as normal as boys ever get. So, just play some headbanger music for him. Problem solved.

Oma said...

Wonderful pictures as usual. This is a sociology experiment for Jim, "What reaction will I get when I do this? What faces do they make, what do they say? Sure is fun to do this." Or he's testing his newly acquired hairs' cushioning ability.:)

Maureen (Mairin O'Cadhla) said...

He is more of a heavy metal kid than you thought, like mother like son;-) Might as well put the headbanging music on and let him go at it.

Don't worry I am sure he won't do it for long, he will find new better and interesting things to test next.

Ma said...

Tell Noah that usually if something involves pain, the kid will not repeat it. So if Jim ever bumps his head hard enough to hurt, he'll either stop or be more careful next time. Goofy kid.