Monday, April 16, 2012

A boy of many talents.

This isn't really related to anything, but aren't his little toofers cute?

So, Jim probably has his Official First Word now. Is it Mama? No. Dada? No. Woof (Noah's first word)? Closer, but no. His Official First Word is *drumroll* KITTYCAT. Well, to be perfectly honest it's more like "keh-keh," but still, it's a valiant effort so we're giving him the point.

In other news, Noah has been blowing raspberries on Jim's belly for some time now, and Jim has apparently inherited his father's penchant for crude noise-making. He now does this any time anyone has bare skin around him. Sometimes he just blows ineffectually, but frequently he actually gets a good *ppbbbbbbttt* for his efforts. Yesterday Jim and I went out for a walk, and he spent the last mile or so doing this on my chest and laughing hysterically at his own antics. It was ridiculously cute - he didn't even raise his head to laugh. All I could hear emerging from that fluffy blonde head was a lengthy series of *ppbbbttt* *giggle* *pfffffff* *belly-laugh* *PBBBBTTTTTT!!* He's a funny guy, is ol' Jim.


Emmaline said...

D'awww. :)

Ma said...

That Jim is such a joker.

Oma said...

Motorboat! He takes after his daddy too much.

Maureen (Mairin O'Cadhla) said...

This picture is great, after all food isn't fun uless you are wearing it.

Had an episode of that last night with a lap full of pasta, the cats thought it was great.

It makes sense he wants to call over Bruce, so kitty as first words makes sense. What does Bruce think of jim?

Oma said...

It's because you're such attentive parents, he doesn't need to call you two over, you're there. Now those cats, they run away and don't like to play so he has to entice them to come within grabbing distance. Pppbbbtt is enough to get your attention!