Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mistletoe State Park

Last week Noah got some unexpected time off (seriously, we found out last Friday that he didn't have to be back in class until the NEXT Monday - nice surprise!), so we had the opportunity to go do a bunch of fun stuff. First thing on the list? A hike! Turns out there are a lot of nice places within a 30-60 minute drive, so we hit the closest one on Monday: Mistletoe State Park. Nice place, as it happens. I know none of you people are in Georgia, but if you feel like some exercise when you visit, that's a great place for it. Pretty, clean, nice trails, etc. We're planning on going back camping sometime when Jim's a little older. Enough rambling (hiking, rambling - see what I did there?), though. On to the pictures!

The scenery! Looks just like home.

This is why I love breastfeeding. Jim got hungry just as we started, so... Instant snack! No mess, no hassle.

Jim tries to get Daddy to come over and look at his very impressive pine cone.

Pine cone is indeed very impressive.

Ergo = most awesome carrier ever. Also, breastfeeding and baby-wearing in one post = super crunchy.

Noah and Jim in a very nice ravine. If you look closely, you can see that Jim is happily a-snooze.

Best we could manage for a family picture. Jim still snoozing.

Jim was happy the entire time, as long as we stopped every so often so he could get a drink and stretch his legs.

Jim makes this face every time he tries to give us something. "You take piece o' wood? :D"

Me helping Jim to not fall in the water.

Being a wee bit more adventurous with Daddy.

Wet toes (NOT in the bathtub, no less) are hilarious.

Weird tree must be photographed, no matter how precarious the positioning might be.


Oma said...

Wonderful pictures. Makes me think of going to World's End where I have similar pics with Rhianna in the carrier. We went canoe camping when Noah was 15 months so you don't have long to wait for Jimmy to be ready. Looks like a great time.

Oma said...

Weird tree has historical Indian significance. Curt found this for you,http://www.greatlakestrailtreesociety.org/trail_tree_gallery.html

Emmaline said...

I like the family photo. I like to think that a friendly chipmunk offered to snap the shot for you.

Rhianna H said...

Emmy and I are the luckiest aunts to have a nephew so adorable with such good parents. He's growing up so quickly!

Aunt D said...

Loved the photo's and story along with it!!
Love Aunt D