Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nine months update, more or less on time!

A week late, but whatever, that's fine. Just so you know, I also just updated the pictures for his eight months and seven months updates, so go look at them. Or don't. Your call. See if I care. *sniff*

There isn't really a whole lot of NEW stuff to report, just some refinements of old stuff. He can stand alone for 20-30 seconds at a time now. He cruises on all the furniture. He says mama and dada, but doesn't mean it. He got two top teeth, so now he's up to four teeth total (still not much good at steak, though). He's crawling like a fiend. He is SO fast. If you turn your back on him for four seconds, he's at the other end of the house. Remind me to post some amusing pictures of our various efforts at roadblocks - we've got two baby gates, but that's nowhere near enough. He has also learned how to open cabinet doors. Taking things out of other things (blocks out of the bag, toys out of his toy crate, hazardous chemicals out of the cupboard) is a great deal of fun this month, so this new skill is a wonderful thing for Jim.

Face-off with Captain Jack.

Bad parenting story: A couple days ago I was washing dishes, and he was busily taking trash bags out of the cabinet near the sink. I figured he couldn't hurt himself with some bags and cardboard boxes, so I let him continue amusing himself. I foolishly took my eyes off of him for about half a minute, and when I looked down, he was sitting there brandishing a freaking steak knife. Don't ask me how the hell a steak knife got in that cabinet, but you can bet I immediately sorted through every single cabinet we have just so I'd know for sure where all the scary stuff was. Well, almost immediately. I disarmed the baby first.

Other things of note: Jim had his nine-month doctor visit today. No shots today, which was awesome especially because Noah couldn't be there. Working days does have some disadvantages after all. Jim is 18 lb 7 oz, which is about 14th percentile. He's 27.5 inches long, which is around the 25th percentile, so he's a little dude, but proportionately kind of long and skinny. They couldn't get a good measurement on his head (he's a squirmy guy), but it's around 47 cm, which is 90th percentile. So there you have it, long skinny baby with a huge head. Picture a lollipop in a onesie.

That's funny. He doesn't look grotesquely disproportionate.

There's not a lot else to report. We're all really enjoying this age. At the moment he's just a pretty jolly guy. We've got a fairly predictable schedule, he sleeps about ten hours a night, he eats enough solids that I'm not totally tied to him (although he still nurses 5-6 times a day), and he very rarely gets unfixably fussy. Life is good for Jim and his folks.

One picture for each month of Jim's life.


Anonymous said...

Loveable, huggable, squeezable, adorable - you should have named him George.

Oma said...

Liking that^ comment! This was the highlight of my week as otherwise it's stunk. Captain Jim looks ready to conquer the galaxy. This is the first place I check when I get on my computer so thanks for the new post and pics.