Friday, January 27, 2012

Seven months update.

I figured I should probably post Jim's seven-month update since he'll be eight months tomorrow. I am totally on top of things. I'm going to keep this pretty short, since he's currently trying to do himself in on the brick fireplace, and I'd sooner not get TOO involved in anything lest I have to step in.

So, as far as mental/cognitive/emotional/social developments go, the main thing was probably that he learned how to communicate a little bit. He figured out how to hold his arms out to be held, and if you hold your arms out to him, he'll generally flop himself on over to you to grab your hands. He's also developing quite the little personality. At home, he's pretty jolly. He likes to laugh and smile, and is quite brave at exploring (generally while keeping his own little narration going - ahh DA DA DA squeeeeEEEE!). In new places, he's VERY serious. He does not smile at strangers, ever. He's still very brave with exploring, but he saves the jocularity for when he's home with me and Noah.

Also, he was apparently very squirmy, because most of the pictures looked like this.

In terms of physical development, seven months was quite a good month. He got his first tooth, and perfected his ridiculous walloping crawl. Just before he turned seven months (as in literally the day before) he figured out how to sit up on his own. Since he can pull up to standing from sitting, this means he can pretty much go wherever he wants now. He can move to anywhere he wants to be, sit up, find something to stand with, and then plop down to crawl off somewhere else.

So that is Jim at seven months. I'll edit this in a minute to put some pictures in (DONE, finally, two months later). Right now I need to save him from the wires behind the TV.


Ma said...

Um, pictures?

Rosa said...

What Sissy said and you could probably fit all of those wires into an oatmeal canister with holes so that they're not so tempting if he keeps trying for them. A pringles can probably wouldn't be big enough. Good luck.

Emmaline said...

Pictures! NOW!! :)

Rhianna H said...

I'm going to join in on the female relatives demanding these pictures which we were promised. :) You can't have a cute baby and refuse to share him with us.

Emmaline said...