Thursday, March 8, 2012


Look what I have!

Yes, they're in the bathtub.

I've been craving chickens for years (seriously), but we were planning on holding off until we bought a place out in the country. Well, it looks like buying a place might have to wait until next year when we have more saved for a down-payment (our current budget would get us a double-wide and that's about it), so we went ahead and got some chickens NOW. Hurray!

Now admire my chickens, dammit.

We got four of these little red ones. They're all girls, so they ought to be good for lots of eggs later.

We also got six of these 'easter eggers,' so named because they lay green and blue eggs. Don't know if they're male or female, though, so Noah is probably going to have to kill about half of them for chicken soup.

We also got four of these little cornish rocks, which are good for meat, because Noah wanted to try to raise some. As long as he does the dirty work, I don't mind.

They're pretty entertaining. I've spent a few hours sitting in the bathroom with my laptop watching them.* They're much like newborn babies (which makes sense, considering that I got them at a day old) in that they can sleep anytime. They'll be prancing across the floor to get to the water and just stop halfway and fall over dead asleep. A minute later, they'll be well-rested and up to finish their original task. They're also barbaric little monsters, though. If one tries to nap for more than its allotted minute, the rest will find their way over to start pecking it on the off-chance that it's edible.

* Um, I'm watching them, not the laptop. That was badly parsed.


Rhianna H said...

Now we wait for the exponential production of poop...

Oma said...

Are you zoned to have chickens? It'll soon be time to get the garden started too! James is getting too big too fast even if he is in the small range. Love the jeans in the next post. Sneakers too-so cute.

Leah said...

From what I can tell, we're fine to have chickens as long as we don't keep a rooster. And yeah, he is getting big SO damn fast... *sniffle*

Ma said...

That top left one looks kind of like Jim...