Thursday, November 1, 2012

Jim is determined to murder himself.

Seriously, babies/toddlers are just like little semi-suicidal drunk peoples. They laugh hysterically at the drop of a hat, go into hysterical tears for the same reason, and seem to be completely bent on whatever source of self-harm they can find nearby. Here's one hazard that Jim was recently pleased to discover. Rest assured that I took it away from him and put it out of reach immediately - well, as soon as I finished taking pictures, anyway.

An empty plastic blocks container!

Jim models his find.

True joy only comes in the face of danger.

But fortunately danger loses its charms in the face of a good book.


Emmy said...

I never thought I toddler's face inside of a plastic bag could be cute. Jim has proven me wrong. Maybe you should take all such containers and poke a few air-holes in their bottoms, just in case.

Mom said...

The problem with plastic is that it can get sucked tight over the airways. Little holes won't help much.