Friday, September 28, 2012

The many faces of Jim.

I always post pictures of Jim smiling, so here are some of his lesser-seen (by you, at least) faces.

He scronches up his face like that when he sees something inexplicable.

More weird-thing face-scronching.

General look of pleased surprise.

Wants something but we won't give it to him.

General displeasure.

Resignation, or sometimes preparing to really have a fit.

The pleading the cometh before the storm.

Life is but a vale of sorrows.

Jim's whole existence is tragedy.

Perhaps that display has caused me to relent?


Different time, but typical post-tantrum Big Eyes.


Emmaline said...

Jim is hilarious.

Oma said...

He looks more like you in several of these pictures. I'm so happy you got the computer fixed. I was having serious Jim withdrawal.

Maureen Plotts said...

I was wondering why I didn't see Jim posts for a while, glad you got the computer fixed. Missed hearing from you all.
Jim is just a wonderul expressionful little man. Really interesting to see how he gives you the full host of facial expressions, especially if he is contimplating winding up a tantrum.
He will pick things up from you and hubby too. I noticed I squint like my Dad when I see something, same facial expresson. So you will see yourself reflected through Jim on occasion, sure you noticed.

Love to see the little gears running in his mind of the next move. Just a little devious, he gets that from his mom ;-)