Sunday, September 30, 2012


This is what happens when Noah dresses Jim. He just marched in, said that Jim was going to dress like a golfer for the day, and demanded that the occasion be documented. So here.

Jim makes his grand entrance.

Looking like a dandy in his fancy hat.

Doing his intimidating golfer dance.

Looking charming, of course.

Hats are hiLARious.

Jealous of Bear's hat.

Sometimes accidents happen when Jim gets jealous.

Jim takes the spoils of victory.

Too bad he can't figure out how to put on his prize.


Oma said...

Jim looks very pleased with himself and his dapper chapeau. Stripes and plaid is why Noah wore a black t and jeans every day of high school-no choice is sometimes a good thing!

Emmaline said...

Hehehe. :) Best thing I've seen all week.

Rhianna H said...

And there was much squeeing and giggling. :)