Monday, June 18, 2012

I can't get either of them to keep their shirts on.

Just two menfolks taking a walk.

Looking for trouble?

Probably preparing to eat chicken poop.

Jim is very keen on sharing.

Babies = great battering rams.

His look of deep concentration cracks me up.

Jim doesn't believe in holding hands when he walks.

Preparing to help with the yard-work.

I tried to get Noah to let me ride on the other side, but then there wouldn't have been anyone to take the picture.


Maureen Plotts said...

Ah the two men in your life, lol. This is just male bonding time, a mysterious barbaric ritual of loitering, smug looks, and shirtless antics. Jim looks tough with his battle wounds and concentrated expression.

Ma said...

Two of my favorite guys in the whole wide world!