Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Babies grow, y'know.

Brand spankin' new.

One month and wary.

Two months and noisy.

Three months and inquisitive.

Four months and escaping.

Five months and astounded.

Six months and resigned.

Seven months and excited.

Eight months and exhausted.

Nine months and space-faring adventurous.

Ten months and bashful.

Eleven months and irrepressible.

12 months and quite done with sitting.


Charlie W. said...

Such a cheerful child...

Rhianna H said...

Jim looks pleased to be quite done with sitting and crawling. Now for his first pair of steel-toed boots like daddy has so that he slows down for you!

Leah said...

Charlie: I'd say stoic is probably the right word for the boy.

Rhianna: Noah would definitely be in favor of that - give the kid mighty thigh muscles.

Ma said...

Jim is the cutest thing on God's green earth! I don't care if I am prejudiced, it's altogether true. I'm gonna print his 1 year pic and show it at work till all my coworkers are sick of me.

Emmaline said...

He's like a tiny man! And I still think he looks like Charlie when he was a ba-aby. *hugs for everyone*

Leah said...

Em, if you cover up the bottom half of his face he looks just like Noah, and if you cover up the top half of his face he looks just like Charlie.